Fall’s Fresh Breath

There have been a lot of changes for me recently. I am still a Resident Adviser at the Joel Home, but I have also taken on a job with The Navigators. Now that my full-time training is over, I hope to get back to offering more consistent posts as I settle into a new routine with my schedule.

Here is a poem I wrote this past week while sick in bed. I hope you enjoy it. After reading, let me know what your favorite thing is about the changing seasons, I can’t wait to hear!


Fall’s Fresh Breath

Oh do you feel the cold breeze blow?
Promising winter chills and falling snow
Whispering that leaves are changing
Colors bright, colors fading

Blow, breeze blow! Bring your peace
Chimneys smoking, cozy fleece
Cups of warmth wrapped tight in hands
Sheep wool skies, a quieted land

The air holds fall, winter close behind
Lay back sweet soul, breathe restless mind
Inhale deep, the fresh wind blowing
Close your eyes, exhale knowing

The fingers of God move through your hair
Whispering to you, dear one, a new season will soon be here
The painter of the valleys and hills has begun
So open the window, and let the fresh air come

Copyright 2015 Aimee Haywood

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