500 Words Challenge

My 500 Words Challenge: Day 3

Get up early to write. That was the challenge for today. It’s 7:30 pm. Oops.

I shall not be deterred!  I will write something anyway! Jeff Goins said that we can use the prompt/challenge each day or we can just write, so tonight I write freely. On my own. With no ideas…

As I ponder this particular challenge I can’t help but think of one thing I know for sure. My experience has shown me that I don’t function at a capacity level in the morning in which writing of any intelligible level can be written.

Read through a typical morning with me.

The alarm on my phone goes off. I somehow find the snooze button in a semi-conscious state. I don’t fully fall back asleep because the tyrant who designed the alarm on my phone believes snoozing should only last 5 minutes. This fact is in the back of my mind which prevents me from doing the snoozing.

I look at the ceiling and have a discussion with myself that includes things like, Do I really need my job? How long can I lay here and still be on time? How fast can I actually get ready? Can I beat my record? Should I try? I wish I was a girl who rolled out of bed beautiful. I wish it was Saturday…

When I finally get myself out of bed and into the bathroom to shower, I’ll be honest, I usually just sit down for awhile and think. Not in the shower. On the built in chair. Too honest? Maybe I should put my laptop in there. Totally kidding.

I check the weather. I think about how much I love my bed. I then realize its 7:10am and the zero barrier has come for me to make it to work on time. Time to pick up the pace and see if I can break my record and still look like a decent human being for a day.

Out of the shower, eyeliner, mascara, nothing fancy, I like to look natural. Brush the chompers because nobody has time for morning breath. Dry the hair most of the way. Throw on the non-negotiable items like CLOTHES and run for the door.

I love breakfast, but on days like this I have become a connoisseur of protein bars. Lunch. Now that can get tricky. It’s usually my creative meal. What do I have in my desk I could put together? Or better yet, maybe a meeting at work will have leftovers that they ask us to help them eat. Don’t judge me, sometimes I’ve eaten like a Queen.

Then I am off jumping into the car for my only 10 minute commute (thank God) because you and I both know from reading the above that if it was any longer there’d be no hope. 

So, you tell me…do you think the morning is the best time for me to write? Maybe not, but maybe someday. Maybe soon.

This challenge is about changing my habits, and I have a feeling it will change more than that if I can stick with it.

Day 3 complete…