November Gratefulness Challenge

Choosing to be Grateful: DAY 4

I read a quote this morning:

The more grateful you are, the more present you will become.

I have no idea who said it since there was no credit given, but it resonated with me.

Part of why I am intentionally focusing on gratefulness for 30 days is because I have become detached from life. Robotic actions carry me through each day.

Busyness, stress, and uncertainty have been robbing me of joy and peace and I have not known how to get it back.

Figuring out what to do in order to find whatever it is I’ve lost sounds like just another exhausting endeavor.

So my hope is that, if I take an intentional second or a few minutes to look for good, or remember something good that it will somehow ground me a little more in today.

I hope it helps you in the same way.

We are way too busy and we miss way too much.

We forget what prayers and hopes have been fulfilled and we forget how to hope and dream for the future.

So here is to remembering and to a life of hope.

Love to you all,


DAY 4: What is something you are grateful for today that was only a hope or a dream last year?

Bonus Challenge: Write down a current hope or dream you have today and put some faith to it.