November Gratefulness Challenge

Choosing to Be Grateful: Day 6

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The holidays are coming whether we are ready or not!

I’m usually not even thinking about the food for Thanksgiving weekend yet, but today I ran across the above pictures and the memories flooded in. Isn’t my niece the cutest making the Deviled eggs? Love that girl!  And one of my nephews made the Turkey Tray of cheese, salami, and crackers and did such a great job.

These snacks do happen to be 2 of my favorite food plates on Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for the Turkey tray because its ingredients remind me of childhood holiday snack trays in Wisconsin. My great Auntie Kay is famous for her Deviled eggs so I always make them in honor of her. (Plus, my husband loves them and wants them on every holiday!)

What is one of your favorites that you’re grateful for?

Leave me a comment on what food you crave and are grateful for each Thanksgiving. If you want to share your favorite holiday recipe with me, I’d love it!

Just email it to!

Blessings to you all!