November Gratefulness Challenge

Choosing to Be Grateful: Day 7


As I am continuing to heal from surgery, I am realizing how fast paced I have been living and how important it is for me to slow the heck down.

Today a friend sent me an early morning text. “Want to head to a coffee shop and write today together?”

Normally, she wouldn’t have asked because I would have already been at work living the crazy life, but since I am still recovering, I am available.

As you can see from the picture above, I went. We haven’t talked (too much), but are both typing away, creating, drinking coffee, and eating coffee cake together.

This is a moment I am grateful for. A friend, a cup of coffee, and writing help me to take a deep breath.

I think I will do this again tomorrow, if I’m able.

Your turn…

Day 7: When you get a moment to yourself, what do you do that allows you to take a deep breath?

Bonus Challenge: Make an appointment with yourself in the next week. Do that thing.

With you,



2 thoughts on “Choosing to Be Grateful: Day 7

  1. And we had a wonderful time together. Even though we didn’t talk much, having you close by, as I was writing, made me feel inspired and loved. Thank you for spending time with me.
    When you return to work it will be harder to steal these precious moments so we will enjoy them while we can.

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