November Gratefulness Challenge

Choosing to be Grateful: Day 15 & 16

I’ve been sick with food poisoning the last two days, so I missed posting yesterday.

But not to worry, that just means we are doing a two for one day.

My favorite holiday was always Christmas, but Thanksgiving the last couple of years have been really special with a new tradition we started.

We write each family member’s name on a sheet of paper. Then we write something we like about them on the paper.

Each slip goes in a cup assigned to the person. Then we go around the table, the person reads them out loud and tries to figure out who said what about them.

Tears and laughter always ensue and it is so very special.

And one of my favorite things to do at the holidays is put together a puzzle with my Mom.

So what about you? Are you more grateful for Thanksgiving or Christmas? And what’s one of your favorite activities around the holidays?

Bonus Challenge: Share your answer with someone else and see what they say.

In anticipation of the holidays,