November Gratefulness Challenge

Choosing to be Grateful: Days 22, 23, & 24

Sorry, I have been having trouble with my internet and didn’t realize this didn’t post. Here it is now!

I have been having fun the last few days and feel very grateful for family and friends.

I pray the same has been true for you.

Day 22 was inspired by one of my nephews who woke up early and left me the message outside my bedroom door to “follow the trail”. It was written in hot wheels.

He then dropped an army man attached to a parachute on me as I climbed the stairs. There was a note rolled up around the man’s leg that said, “time to wake up”.

Can’t express how much I loved this.

Day 23 was inspired by late nights and the need for sleeping in or for an afternoon nap. I love my brother.

Day 24 was inspired by all the moments with family over the last 3 days. Such special times to do nothing but be together.

Your Bonus Challenge this go round is to share a favorite memory with all of us about your Thanksgiving weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving all,