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10 years in…

Ten years ago at this time, Chris and I were in our honeymoon suite. (Don't worry, this post is PG.) We had just settled back in after running out to a local Italian place to pick up some food. Room service at the hotel was two hours behind and Chris was already aware that his… Continue reading 10 years in…

My People

Our Gracie Girl

Gracie Haywood We adopted this little eight year old sweetie one week ago. We found her at a local rescue shelter laying quietly in a back corner. She was silent and shy as all the other dogs around us barked loudly for our attention. My husband walked slowly to where she was and as she… Continue reading Our Gracie Girl

My People

For My Auntie Kay

The snow is falling outside and I’m crying. The warmth of the kitchen stove top and the smell of sausage cooking wraps me up like one of her hugs. She smelled like all the yummy things in life. Onions sauteeing in a pan. Hot fudge sundaes. A great cup of coffee. I’m famous for my… Continue reading For My Auntie Kay


A bit of my writing….

Our writing prompt in my writer’s group was: If someone from the future picked up your journal and read about today, what would they read? This is what I wrote. My writer’s group said I should post it as it might encourage someone right now. I hope it does. ❤️ I went for a walk… Continue reading A bit of my writing….

Home Sweet Home

Remodel: Approximately 3 weeks later…

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post. I’m not going to lie. I lost some of my drive after I got sick. It felt like everything slowed to a snail’s pace and that every little thing seemed to take a really really long time and a lot of effort. Regardless, we’ve worked here and… Continue reading Remodel: Approximately 3 weeks later…

Home Sweet Home

Day 15: Kitchen Appliances have arrived

I took it slow this morning. Yesterday I over did it after being so sick for a week. Not smart. But this morning I woke up, had coffee, laid around for awhile and then took a nap at 10am. We headed over to the house around 11 and this is what we did. My sweet… Continue reading Day 15: Kitchen Appliances have arrived

Home Sweet Home

Day 14: Someday The Floors will be Finished, but today was not that day…

Well I was sick all week, in bed couldn’t do anything kind of sick, but we were back at it today. More to come tomorrow... The lighting in this place is crazy cool. The different colors are so obvious at this time of day. Later on they almost look the same. Painting the kitchen ceiling.… Continue reading Day 14: Someday The Floors will be Finished, but today was not that day…

Home Sweet Home

Day 13: Flooring on the way

Well, the day is over and I can barely move. My Dad finished setting all the kitchen cabinets. I’m so excited as (you can’t see it in this picture) but I have a small little open shelf area for my cookbooks. Thanks Dad! Brown marble fireplace bye bye. Isn’t my Mom cute! Ok, let’s try… Continue reading Day 13: Flooring on the way

Home Sweet Home

Day 12: Discouraging

Well yesterday was discouraging. My Mom got some more painting done, my Dad got a few more of the base cabinets set, Chris went to work sick and came home and helped for a couple hours despite how he felt. And me? What did I do? I swept and vacuumed and swept and vacuumed and… Continue reading Day 12: Discouraging

Home Sweet Home

Day 11 and 1/2

I should have posted these pictures last weekend! Here are where things are as of this morning before we get started. Side note: Pray for my sweet mister as he’s been sick all week and not able to come join in the fun. Mom getting it done in the laundry room I made my own… Continue reading Day 11 and 1/2