Home Sweet Home

Day 3: Photos and Videos

I cried today.

Chris and I picked paint colors this morning and as they went up on the walls I got emotional.

While Chris was spraying all the ceilings white, my Mom and I started putting color on the walls.

I was worried we got a little risky with our choices but now, I absolutely love what we picked.

Tomorrow all the walls, minus the kitchen and bathrooms should be finished as far as paint. Pictures to come…but for now, here is Day 3.

Apparently my dining room has drywall texture over the original wallpaper. When we took the old curtain rods down there it was. Vintage baby.

So this lamp felt a little Disney Haunted House to me. But then Mister got ahold of it.
Now I’m keeping it!
Oopsy. That’s why I’m painting before we do the floors. Yikes, I messed up good!

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