Home Sweet Home

Day 5: Photos

Today was a short renovation day.

I worked most of the day and then worked from my new home in the afternoon due to a roofing project they are doing at my job that stunk us all out. The fumes from that tar cart are brutal.

Anyway, all afternoon I sat on a blue metal folding chair and worked with my laptop squeezed onto a painted dinner tray I used for a desk. At one point I paused and I looked around.

This was my home. We have a home.

I thanked God that He had provided a good job and now I was sitting in the home He had provided.

I texted Chris, “We have a house…”

He texted me back, “We have a house.”


Carpet is coming tomorrow. We painted our master bedroom tonight.

Pics aren’t great because it was dark. I’ll take more tomorrow so you can see the paint colors and the new carpet.

It’s getting real people.

Mom brought dinner
Her delish breaded pork chops.
Edging again
Blurry pic but he’s still so dang cute. (Pssst. I get to live here soon with this hunk.)
Old carpet’s last night in the home
Old carpet’s last night in the home