Home Sweet Home

Day 7: Evening Update

There is a quote I love that says, “Many hands make light work.” Well, I was blessed today to have the many hands of my writers group working with me.

I knew they were awesome before, but I’m now convinced that they are all descendants of Wonder Woman. We got so much done!

Storage unit is almost completely empty. Trips to Goodwill and also transferring a lot of stuff to one of our garages at the new place.

I love these women. It was a lot to do and yet it was so much fun to just be with them. They made something that could have felt like a total burden feel like making memories. Thank you Diane, Holly, Emma, Ella, Abby and Carlye! I love you more than you know.

Here we go!
Diane is doing and Anne of Green Gables impression. Isn’t she CUTE?!?
This was full to the ceiling before we got at it!
Carlye was a master truck loader. Nothing moved while I drove to my house. She’s totally and completely amazing!
Break time
We are getting there!
Carlye you’re so cute and comfy anywhere!
Dessert! Cinnamon squares!
Not much left.
Wonder Women, I’m telling you.
The gals and I emptied all the contents into my garage. We went back and loaded the couch and chair and I took those to goodwill. Then the empty truck and I headed to Lowe’s for cabinets.
My Home Depot truck at Lowe’s
Cracking myself up at Lowe’s
Truck full of cabinets
New cabinets in da house! 🙌

The cargo van has been returned and now I’m on the couch. Hopefully, I can move tomorrow. Good day. Great friends. New house.