Home Sweet Home

Day 12: Discouraging

Well yesterday was discouraging.

My Mom got some more painting done, my Dad got a few more of the base cabinets set, Chris went to work sick and came home and helped for a couple hours despite how he felt.

And me? What did I do?

I swept and vacuumed and swept and vacuumed and swept some more to prepare the floors. Now for those of you who know me, my joy that comes from looking at something with a sense of accomplishment was non-existent yesterday.

When we did finally try to lay some flooring it didn’t work well. I think I know what I did wrong, but the frustration level was high. My Mom reminded me that I’ve never done this before and this is how I learn. So, here’s to learning!

Today is a new day.

My body hurts, my husband is back in bed trying to heal.

And I’m sitting outside Home Depot drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee and eating munchkins for motivation. I only ate 3, ok maybe 4. (That’s equal to 1 donut right?)

I can do this!

It’s a beautiful sunrise and God is still on the throne.

Here is to yesterday and to what is to come today!

We are going to make something with these beautiful legs.