About Aimee

Hey there, I want to thank you for choosing to spend time with me. In this busy world, it’s easy to invest our moments on so many things, so the fact that you’re here means a lot.

This is where I’m supposed to set the expectations of what you will get when you come here. I’m going to be honest. I am just not that together.

When you rest awhile with me, it may be a quick story over a cup of tea, a photo to talk and share about, a good laugh, or a resource I’ve found helpful. Whatever it might be, my hope is you’ll feel you’ve spent some time with a friend who made you smile and helped you find a moment of peace in this crazy world.

So, consider this my hug of welcome as well as my squeeze goodbye as you go.

Here’s to the unexpected joys of life and living something worth writing about.

P.S. If you know anyone who might find what I share helpful, please invite them here. The door is open.


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